The first element of fun is being clean and safe.

At Altitude Trampoline Park Spokane, we have always put our guests’ safety and well-being first. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we are raising the bar for your health even higher by implementing a revolutionary cleanliness certification program called C3 (Caring through Cleanliness and Certification).

So what is C3?

  • Full-park cleanliness program
  • Cleaning products that are consistent with CDC guidelines
  • Executed by trained and certified staff
  • Extensive cleaning protocols before, during and after hours
  • Audited by EcoSure – our health and safety evaluation partner

How we are adjusting the operations in our stores


New C3 Cleaning Protocols

We have dedicated C3 team members assigned to consistently cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces throughout the day.

Cleaning Stations

We have added disinfectant cleaning stations for guests use throughout the park.

Hand Sanitizer

We have increased the location and number of hand sanitizer stations available for use throughout the park.

Social Distancing Changes

We are increasing social distancing throughout the park to 17 feet apart when you are exercising (300 square feet), and have separated tables and removed chairs to create more distance between our guests. 

Mask Policy

Face masks do not have to be worn during strenuous activities including jumping or for medical purposes. They must be worn if you’re a spectator or when walking around our facility. 

Water Bottles

Guests are allowed to bring in water bottles to fill up at the fill station while our drinking fountains are closed. 

Crowd Control

We have implemented crowd control measures that limit the capacity of guests to 25% in the park. NOTE: That means we have a capacity of only 83 jumpers, so please call ahead before coming in to get an estimate on the current capacity.

Team Member Safety

We are making face masks and gloves available to team members to protect them during their shift.

Park Cleanliness Audits

Altitude Park has partnered with EcoSure in auditing our park cleanliness. EcoSure is a leader in health and safety evaluations and will be independently auditing our park.


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